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How to transform a balcony

Via Agrigento has the defect of not having a terrace, but if we are good we can remedy it very well. We can think of setting up at least one, if not two, or all of the balconies so that we can enjoy them in the summer, as if they were small terraces. Just identify one or more activities that can be carried out outdoors, for example:

- breakfast

- tea time

- reading newspapers

- sundress

- chess game

- massage

At this point, each of the balconies could be used for each of these activities and be set up accordingly. To do this, it will first of all be necessary to equip each balcony with an awning for the sun. It will then be necessary to put other plants, strong and healthy, easy to take care of, which we could possibly hang on the balcony railing, so as not to hinder the opening of the shutters, nor the comfortable use of the entire surface of the balcony itself. For this there are already robust hanging systems for the vases; in case they weren't strong enough, I could have them made by the blacksmith.

I would also like to have the blacksmith make the chairs, which would have the peculiarity of having been designed and made ad hoc, in pairs and possibly in a different way, for each of the balconies. First of all I think of the balcony of the bedroom, which seems to be well framed by the tree and stands out beyond the balcony. We could therefore create pairs of seats, associated with each of the uses mentioned above. Where you need, between sessions, a tea table, a game table, a breakfast table, a pocket for newspapers (and, of course, a pocket for books! true principles of the Liberty Library ), etc… And, where necessary, also a solid and light metal grid for climbing plants. Each balcony (and there are five of them!) would take on a connotation of its own and above all would give the public the feeling that Liberty Library is also amply provided with outdoor spaces - even five, if you like! - to experience the house also outdoors, a matter which up until now has severely limited the choice of visitors.

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