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Teatro Tascabile

The world's first hairdresser with a private theater

Dream: Hair salon with Theater

A hair salon for exclusive clients needs to amaze and accommodate them throughout a day of meetings, gossip, entertainment and playful activities.
What is the most ambitious vision a hairdresser could wish for his or her salon? A private theater where he can welcome and entertain his guests, friends and clients.


The difficulty with this project was being able to fit 44 people inside a very small space. Thus the need arose to arrange them on two floors, taking as a reference the anatomical theaters, jewels of architecture and high craftsmanship widespread in some art cities of northern Italy.
The idea of this theater is not to provide a stage space (performance theater) but to integrate the stage with the stalls in order to invent the world's first participatory theater.




To support the weight of 24 people on the upper floor, I built the structure according to the canons of classical cabinet making: "tenon and mortise," "tooth and channel," "fork" joints, all in wood and without using a single nail.
A year's work for me and my apprentice.

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