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Aggiornamento: 19 dic 2021

Giuseppe Amato was born in Palermo, Sicily, 1970. Starting as a biologist specializing in whales behavior at the University of Pavia, Giuseppe later has learned the art of design from his life mentor Sory Yanagi in Japan.

His works were presented at ICFF in New York ADC, Isetan Department Store Gallery in Tokyo, Hankyu Gallery, Osaka, the 11th Istanbul Biennial and Moleskine Detour at the Museum Santral Istanbul and the Moma Design Store in Tokyo.

The Unexpected Homes series, dwellings conceived as installations of Public Art, started with the prototype Nautoscope. After its presentation at the Green Energy Design Exhibition curated by Interni Magazine, with Philippe Stark, Toyo Ito, Michele De Lucchi and Ron Arad (model scale 1: 5), his 36-tons visionary construction has been constructed in Palermo's harbor in 2009, becoming today one of the city's symbols.

Chosen sketches of the Nautoscope are published in the volume curated by Moleskine, Sotheby's and FAI La mano del Designer, 460 autografed drawings by 150 of the most prominent contemporary designers.

In 2010 Giuseppe Amato participated at 12a International Architecture Biennale, in Venice, at Mapping Contemporary Venice, with Moleskine and VIU, Venice International University. In 2019 Giuseppe Amato had participated at FutuRuins, an art exhibition at Fortuny Palace in Venice, with other works from Venetian Civic Museums and the State Hermitage Museum.

Giuseppe Amato lives and works primary in Milan, where his studio specializes in interior design of selected private houses, restaurants, and boutique stores.

​ Giuseppe Amato also worked and collaborated with Institutions and Companies, like: Aveda, Branca, Brioni, Caruso, FAI, Fastweb, Hankyu, ICFF, Isetan, Moleskine, Sotheby's, Vibram.

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